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Is it possible to attract over 10,000 visitors per month solely from high organic search engine optimization? Yes! Our flagship San Diego lawyer’s directory just exceeded 10,300 unique visitors in June 2006. In May, our unique traffic to this directory was over 9,000 unique visitors. So this was no coincidence, as our search engine standings and traffic have been on an ever-increasing, upward trend since its creation.

At www.websitetrafficbuilders.com we are very proud of this achievement. To aid readers who would like to improve their own organic traffic, I’ve highlighted three critical tips below which will help. However, first understand that there are no ‘quick fixes’ to better website traffic. The heavily touted instant fixes will only ensure that your bank account will decrease. An additional probability could very well be an actual decrease in your site’s rankings and/or a de-listing from the major search engines.

#1. Good, informative content. This is still the best way to achieve top rankings. The best way to do this is by writing your own unique copy. Your content should provide relevant and solid information to your visitors. As an example, if your specialty is immigration and your practice is located in San Diego, your content should focus on San Diego immigration information. Some short articles could be:

A. San Diego immigration facts – amount of green cards issued, recent immigration stats, border information, etc.

B. The immigration process.

C. Costs involved when obtaining work permits/citizenship

D. Personalized real cases where your firm ensured a successful outcome.

Such articles serve numerous functions: Good content shows expertise in legal immigration issues and through a number of Internet PR firms and article syndication services, you could easily multiply these benefits many times, while providing an excellent source of one-way hyper-links to your firm’s legal website.

#2. Incoming links. It’s really a ‘one-two punch’ of combining good content with quality, similarly themed incoming links. As said in number one above, good content and your own articles will create incoming links. To really move to the top of the search engine results you should actively seek out quality link partners.

In accordance with the importance of incoming links, our San Diego lawyer’s directory has over 5,800 links. Our home search engine optimization site (www.websitetrafficbuilders.com) has over 10,000 links! No, you don’t need anywhere near these high numbers to rank well. However, if your goal is the best of the organic search engine results for your specific legal keyword phrase, you must have more links than your competition. All legal keyword phrases are some of the most competitive on the Internet. Therefore, it is mandatory to develop hundreds of quality links. Personally, we use specialty designed software to automate this process as much as possible. For more information and free basic linking software, see the Zeus reciprocal link generator banner on www.websitetrafficbuilders.com.

It’s imperative to keep a strong legal theme for all your links (no linking with travel/Viagra sites}. Poor quality and off-theme links can actually lower your rankings. Because of our top search engine rankings, having links from our legal directory sites will boost your site’s standings. In this regard, we have set up two FREE programs particularly directed toward legal quality linking. Our legal directory program offers fifteen high quality legal links to your site. Plus, our Excellent Legal Content Award program not only gives you a link-back, but the quality award graphic adds to the perceived quality of your site!

#3. The final important element in pushing your firm’s site to the top of the organic search engines legal keyword results is an easy to navigate website. Finding information on your site should be a “no-brainer!” Additionally, banners, ads, animation and other flashy effects should be eliminated or kept to a minimum. This is especially true for your home page.

Though web designers may warn you otherwise, flashy animation makes your page load more slowly and causes some search engines to have difficulty indexing your content. Plus, your visitors are looking for legal information and assistance and not quasi movie entertainment.

If you do nothing else, stay away from any website offers that promise top rankings or instant linking in a short time period but do not give you verifiable proof of their past results. Needless to say, do not even read any such non-solicited pitches. No reputable search optimization company uses spam to promote their business. See you on page one of the search engine results!

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Bob Schwartz runs 15 legal directory sites, a few of which are: Houston lawyers, Dallas lawyers, Los Angeles DUI lawyers, San Jose DUI lawyers, San Francisco DUI lawyers Promotions Unlimited started out as a general search engine optimization firm but has morphed into a specialized search engine optimization service. Our attorney client’s results through our directories have proven to be far more cost effective compared to Yellow Pages advertising. What is surprising to us is the amount of skepticism still prevalent among legal practitioners about the effectiveness of the Internet to generate new business. Some times old habits die hard!

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