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Parents - Helping Your Children Through Your Divorce

If there are children involved when you are going through a divorce, know that this will be a sensitive situation for them. Also, be aware of your actions towards your spouse in front of the children. After you tell them what is going on and explain to them that they are still loved by both parents, you do not want to upset them with any angry feelings that either of you possess towards each other. You need to make sure that the children are feeling safe and secure in this tough situation.

You and your spouse should avoid quarreling in front of the children. This will be very disturbing to the children and might cause them to be fearful of what may happen in the future. You must not talk about the other parent badly in front of them. You have to be very careful not to call the other parent names or talk bad about any thing that they have done.

Unless it puts them in risk of danger, don't keep the children away from the other parent. It will make for an easier transition if the child feels like they can still see and talk to the other parent whenever they want to.

You never want to let your own feelings of the divorce get in the way of being a parent. You need to communicate with your child and let them know that you're there for them. It is a hard time and can be very depressing for a lot of adults. It is important to keep up your strength for yourself and your children's sake.

Do not try and win over the children with gifts and money. You need to spend time with them and remind them that they are the most important things right now.

If you think that the child needs to have therapy, you should make the necessary arrangements. It is imperative to the children to be able to talk about their feelings and to be reassured that they have nothing to worry about concerning the divorce. It is nothing to be ashamed of and the child should be made to feel comfortable about all that is going on around them.


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