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Lawyers: Know Your Control Panel

By Bob Schwartz, CRS, GRI ©2007 Promotions Unlimited All rights reserved. This material is subject to copyright and any unauthorized use, copying or mirroring is prohibited.

Every website has a control panel. Most site owners do not know how to access this important component of your legal website. This article is accompanied with a video tutorial to show you how simple it is to use your control panel to see your traffic and more importantly, learn where they were just before entering your site.

For legal sites, many will contact you using phone, but it still pays to know how to access your control panel to judge your traffic and determine where visitors were, just prior to entering your law firm's website.

Whether putting out a direct mail piece, a newspaper ad or TV spot, to judge effectiveness of driving traffic, you must access your control panel stats. To do this, you usually add an extension to your URL and a security screen will appear for your user name and password. If you do not have this information, your webmaster can relay it.

This is critical to ensuring that your legal website is effective in pushing traffic to your law firmís site. Without enough traffic, you will not be obtaining the maximum benefit from the Internet.

Keep in mind, if done properly, many law firms have found the Internet to be their most cost effective media investment. We had one Los Angeles law firm cancel their expensive Yellow Pages ads in favor of our directories and their own sites. They calculated the cost to secure new clients through the Internet to to far exceed the phone book.

Knowing about your legal website traffic stats is very simple. Just a few minutes viewing our video tutorial should put you well on your way to moving your website to the next level in performance.

Depending on your bandwidth there may be a few pauses in the video as it loads various segments. If you want to pause or replay the video, use the controls on the bottom of the screen.

Please click here to visit the hosting site of our legal video. If the hyper-link does not work, cut & paste the link into your browser: http://lawman711.googlepages.com/seoforlawyers

Copyright 2007 Promotions Unlimited. All rights reserved.


Bob Schwartz runs 15 legal directory sites, a few of which are: Los Angeles lawyers, Las Vegas lawyers, San Francisco lawyers, California lawyers, Dallas lawyers Promotions Unlimited started out as a general search engine optimization firm but has morphed into a specialized search engine optimization service. Our attorney clientís results through our directories have proven to be far more cost effective compared to Yellow Pages advertising. What is surprising to us is the amount of skepticism still prevalent among legal practitioners about the effectiveness of the Internet to generate new business. Some times old habits die hard!

In September 2006 Bob's legal websites generated over 45,005 unique visitors.

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