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The FINEST Return for YOUR Law Firmís Advertising Dollars!

By Bob Schwartz, CRS, GRI ©2007 Promotions Unlimited All rights reserved.

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If you are reading this and think that the Internet is just a passing fad, stop reading nowÖthis article is not meant to change your mind but to show the giant potential for moving your practice to the Ďnext levelí through cautious use of the Internet.

The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) assertively states in a recent article that:

ē The Net is the Quickest Growing Medium in History

ē Internet Demographics are a Marketer's Dream

As Jeffrey Graham says "Good online advertising mixes into the user experience and offers relevant, pursuasive information just as any other form of advertising does."

As maintained by a PriceWaterhouse Coopers Internet Advertising Revenue Report for the 3rd quarter of 1999, "Internet/online advertising revenues surpassed the $1.0 billion quarter for the first time, totaling $1.2 billion for the third quarter of 1999" and this was a "148 percent growth over the 1998 third-quarter total of $491 million."

The Industry Standard magazine exhibits projections for online advertising to reach a stunning $30.8 billion dollars by 2005 - up from $7 billion in 2000.

Every one of our clients have their own firm websites. Because the Internet and search engines, the gate keepers to the Internet, are not organized alphabetically, they have joined our many city-specific legal directories. Thus they are able to take advantage of the potential search engine page one placement for a city specific legal phrase that frankly relates to their practice areas.

Yes, the solution is page one placement of specific targeted legal phrases that a potential client would enter into a search engine to find your firm. Broad phrases and single words are a waste of time in this regard. Itís not the general traffic you want but the targeted visitor that turns out real returns. With that said, our experience in the legal Internet field shows that it takes quite a few targeted visitors to equal one paying client!

Now look at the ROI for the Internet vs. the phone book. The competition for phone book ads is aggressive. Unless you are prepared to spend thousands per month on a multi-page color ad, your chances of getting noticed, and called, greatly minimize. Our clients tell us, due to the huge costs involved, the ROI is in almost all cases substantially less than what is being earned through the Internet.

We have one very successful client attorney who has now dropped not only phone book advertising, but all print advertising, in favor of the Internet! We have also had a couple of clients, whom after a year in our directories were not sure if they were effective for generating new business. Both of these clients were back with us after just a few months when they became aware of the decrease in inquires and real clients. In truth, one of these clients even raised their firmís ad with us by 300%!

Iím not saying make a drastic move, though I would love it, but to think about ROI and the low price it would cost to have your city specific legal phrase on page one of Yahoo, Google, MSN, AOL, etc.

Our flagship San Diego legal directory www.sandiegolawyerforyou.com had 4,970 unique visitors in March í04! Rather than take a search phrase from this directory, letís look at a much smaller directory for Los Angeles Orange County lawyers.

Look at the very competitive legal phrase: Los Angeles civil litigation lawyers

The five major search engines below, all show that our directory achieved a page one, position one result as of 4-4-04. AltaVista, AOL Web Sites, Google, MSN, Netscape.

To get the maximum potential from the Internet, your website must maintain page one placement for your specific practice area key word phrases. With directories like Google returning a mere ten sites per page, to say that any one firm could achieve more than one page-one placement, would be highly implausible. This is where search engine optimized legal directories can provide the lynch-pin to maximizing your firmís Internet potential.

Copyright 2007 Promotions Unlimited - search engine optimization - All rights reserved.


Bob Schwartz is the founder of Promotions Unlimited, an Internet legal directory (CA, TX & Las Vegas) publisher and search engine placement technology analyst. You can contact Bob via e-mail at seo711@gmail.com or visit his San Diego legal directory at: http://www.sandiegolawyerforyou.com/special.htm

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