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What To Look for When Hiring A DUI Lawyer

Many people arrested on a DUI charge are too worried or embarrassed to hire a lawyer. But it's so crucial to realize how much a DUI lawyer can significantly sway the results of your case. So, if and when you should decide to hire a DUI lawyer, many different things need to be contemplated in finding the right one.

First off, it is really important to find a lawyer who specializes in DUI law. In fact, it's crucial to find a lawyer who knows DUI laws well within the state in which you were convicted. Sometimes a lawyer who works in divorce, DUI, bankruptcy, etc could be a good choice, but because DUI law is a quickly changing and broad area of law, someone who specializes mostly in DUI is quite often the best choice.

Meeting with two different lawyers before making a final decision can be a really beneficial move in the long run. Almost any lawyer wonít charge for a generic meeting of the exchanging of information. Whichever lawyer you decide to go with absolutely must have plenty of experience as well as an expertise in the field of DUI law. Youíll want someone who makes you feel comfortable, and the initial face to face meeting will ensure that feeling. Also it is important to remember that the best lawyer available to you isn't always the one with the largest ad in the yellow pages. It only means that that lawyer has paid the most to acquire the largest ad possible. Oftentimes it is best not to turn to the yellow pages at all. It's suggested to research online or check your local library for a copy of the Martindale Hubbel law directory which lists every lawyer in the U.S. and includes their individual specialties.

Before arriving at your lawyerís office for your initial meeting, itís good to make a list of a few questions to ask each lawyer. Each lawyer's answers to these questions will greatly aide in making your final decision. Some good questions to ask are:

* Since you have been taking all my information and listening to my questions, will you be the lawyer with me in the courtroom or will there be someone else at the firm handling my case?

o This question is really important to remember because you may decide you feel completely comfortable and at ease with one particular lawyer and chose to hire him, then come to find out in the end he isnít even your primary lawyer at all.

* What exactly do you charge and can you give me some estimates as to the most I might have to pay and the amount Iíll pay upfront?

o Remember that a lot of DUI Lawyers charge hourly while others can simply charge a flat amount even if your case doesnít go to trial.

o Some may alter their fee structure so as to separate the process into phases. The best thing to do is ask for an exact process and fee structure.

* Are there court costs and filing fees aside from attorney fees that I will be held accountable for?

* What percentage of your cases are DUI or impaired driver cases?

o Remember that you want someone who handles at the very least 50% DUI cases in the state in which you were convicted.


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