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4 Steps to Improve Your Law Firm Website's Search Engine Ranking

Well, by now you most likely have heard that good design, proper key word density, intuitive navigation, accurate Meta tags, quality incoming links and informative content are all important to achieving desirable search engine placement. This is especially true when it comes to law firm sites. Legal search engine standings are one of the top competitive classifications for search engine standing optimization efforts.

For this article, I’ll assume that your legal website already shines in the areas just mentioned and your site has decent standing for your desired legal keyword phrases. But, as you are keenly aware, the Internet can generate quality clients at a far more cost effective basis compared to any other method. So, moving your legal website to the next level should be a very smart decision.

Below I have explained some highly effective ideas to improve your search engine standings:

1. Get another legal website! Yes, for about $53 per month for the first year, and approx. $11 per month starting in the second year, you can have a second website. Your cost the first year would be about $500 for the legal website creation, $10 for a new domain name registration for one year and $10 per month for good quality website hosting. The cost drops in the second year because the site creation fee drops off.

This second site should not duplicate any of your existing site’s appearance or content. Failure to do this could cause your site to be dropped from major search engines. Your sites should be about your firm but each emphasizing a different practice area. Plus, both your sites should be hyperlinked together.

2. Select a URL Your new website needs a web address. Select a URL for your new legal website that encompasses some of your keywords. Which site do you think would generate a larger amount of search engine hits: www.sandiegolawyerforyou.com or www.smith-smithandklein.com?

Even if you have renound name recognition in your local neighborhood, a potential client seeking a San Diego attorney will positively find the first site before the second. Result: Encompassing key words into your URL will improve your chances of being found in a key word search. For a free software tool (Domain Name Analyzer) for finding that perfect domain name for your business or product can be found at:

3. Buy website creation software.

As web site owner, you or your assistant should know how to up-date your site by renewing current content, or minor changes. Updating should be done often to keep your site useful. With many free and low cost web site programs available, knowledge of HTML is not necessary. Personally, I would choose Microsoft’s FrontPage as the best choice for website creation software.

4. Do some research on Search engine optimization.

Knowledge is power. Website designers are good at their website creation efforts, but usually lousy at any optimization efforts. In many cases, if they try optimization at all, they are using techniques that are old and in many cases could and have caused sites to actually rank well below their true potential or be desisted because of what is perceived as search engine mutilation. Become the master of your domain! For a limited time, I’m offering a current search engine optimization 90+ page e-book that will show you the EZ 'insider' techniques that will without a doubt, boost your site’s rankings. If interested, e-mail: seo711@gmail.com with “SEO e-book” in the subject line.

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