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How to Choose the Lawyer for You

Throughout the course of your legal problems, you will have to make some tough decisions. For example, if you were involved in an auto accident then you would have to pick between bringing criminal charges or pressing charges with a plaintiff case. Or say you have a small business that was involved in a deal, then you'd have to decide whether to sign it or let it pass. There is no clear-cut answer in many of these situations, and getting the right lawyer is vital the perks of choosing a lawyer in a pre-paid legal plan as opposed to hiring your own lawyer, as well as some basic steps you can take to choose a good attorney.

The highest criterion has to do with a lawyer’s legal ability. A good lawyer lays the law down for you, presents you with different paths of action explains the consequences of each decision you make and gives you advice on the best course of action. In this day and age of complicated legal matters, many lawyers are increasingly specialized and you stand to get better information from someone with a practice focused in a particular area of the law than a generalist who deals with a large spectrum of legal issues. Buildingunderstanding is also very important: Your relationship with your lawyer can make or break your case. You need a lawyer who gives you candid advice and guidance you can trust, someone with enough perspective to step back from an issue and look at it from all perspectives.

Pre-paid legal plans greatly limit client-lawyer relationships. Because of the “preventive” nature of most plans, your contact with your lawyer will be limited on many occasions. You seldom get to talk to your lawyer in person, as most of the consultation is done over the phone- and even when you get to talk to them, it’s not easy to build rapport when your office consultations are limited to a dozen hours a year.

Therefore, I suggest hiring an attorney only when it is actually needed.

If you find your attorney Internet|on the Internet or from referrals, set up interviews with them. Most don’t mind receiving inquiries about what they do and how able there are. Ask tough questions: How long have they been in practice? How content are their previous clients? How many legal problems of interest to you have they taken recently? In addition, verify their State Bar Association standing. It's important to find an attorney who is knowledgeable in the specific legal field you need help with. But, it is also essential to find an attorney you feel comfortable working with and one who will be easy to stay in contact with.

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