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How to find a reputable DUI Lawyer

Whether you or someone you know has been arrested on because of drunk driving, finding the best lawyer is a process that can be very time consuming and stressful for anyone. First off you'll look for someone who is both experienced and competent. Its also important to find a person who lacks any unethical practices.

A great way to find a reputable lawyer is to ask for referrals. Whether it is your family’s lawyer himself who might know other DUI lawyers, or even a family member who has previously been convicted themselves, there are a number of different people available to you who can recommend a good lawyer. You could also go to your local courthouse and ask a bailiff or count clerk. Police officers can also be a great referral source. Simply inquire as to who they would recommend as the best lawyer they’ve seen or who they might hire if they were facing DUI charges.

One common referral service that is generally not a good place to look is the local Bar Association. The reason for this is that a lawyer who wishes to be placed on the list at the Bar Association only needs to fill out a simple request form and you will almost always simply be referred to someone random on that long list.

If you still cannot seem to find someone to suggest a good lawyer, your next move would be to look through the internet. Aside from researching a good DUI lawyer, you can also find helpful information about DUI laws, courtroom procedure, evidence, and penalties involved in the whole process. You will also, unfortunately, find numerous internet ads, websites, and directories that don’t always necessarily mean the attorneys in the ads are the best lawyers for you personally. The ads only declare that the lawyer has paid the most to have his or her advertisements show up on your computer.

Another really reputable resource to look at would be the National College for DUI Defense. More than 800 lawyers nationwide who have completed the process for the College so far are listed in a website and are professionally trained to specialize in drunk driving cases. Don't forget that a membership in this College never guarantees any promises of proficiency or ethics, it proves the lawyers seriousness in DUI law. Some very valuable and beneficial aspects of the College are it's notable seminars, especially the annual 3-day class held at Harvard Law School. The American Bar Association has recognized this seminar as the ONLY organization allowed to Board-certify lawyers as specialists in DUI defense.

You should consider the following when making your decision on what lawyer you wish to hire:

* Did this lawyer gain membership to the National College for DUI Defense? Which reputable law school did the lawyer receive his accreditation from? Was he Board-certified?

* It's very important to ask the attorney if he or she specializes only in DUI defense. When a lawyer handles DUI cases as well as criminal and civil cases, he is probably not the best choice for you.

* Ask if you can have a written contract that includes all fees as well as initial costs that would cover any outside fees like court costs, blood reanalysis tests, etc.

* Can your lawyer have blood samples reanalyzed by a lab as well as access to witnesses and breath analysis?

* Does the attorney guarantee you anything in terms of final outcome? If so, you may want to keep your options open. Making promises is not only unethical but specific results are never predictable.

* How does the lawyer rank on Martindale-Hubbell's International Directory of Attorneys (A-V)?

* Has the attorney had any reported complaints? (Look online at the State Bar Association)

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