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Personal Injury Protection

Unfortunately, even safe, experienced drivers have accidents and become injured so do you really think that personal injury protection is a waste of time. This should not be considered a selfish act as there are other people to think about if you are gifted wit a family that will need financial support. If you have no family responsibilities then you may decide to arrange personal injury protection (PIP) just for your own benefit. No-one would complain about the necessity of such insurance plans but with the ever increasing cost, they cannot always justify the cost.

The situation can be made worse when the policy has not been researched carefully and does not insure everything it was intended to. Throughout most parts of America today, injury insurance has become required by law but the cover required seems to vary considerably from state to state. This is best given by example: people living in Alaska will need ten times the amount of protection that people in Florida do! Many people take out personal injury protection plans even if they currently live in a state that does not require it by law.

However, the protection does not cover all the costs for the insured and his (or her) passengers, with the average policy paying up to eighty percent of expenses. There are some expensive items covered by this plan, which will pay out even if the policy holder is to blame, including medical costs for the driver and people in the vehicle with him. Owing the cost element in setting up insurance plans like this, it is worthwhile inspecting any current arrangements you have to see if there are areas already protected to keep the expense down. By checking carefully you may discover that certain costs like medical bills and other expenses are already part of your current cover.

Depending on the plan, you may not require any additional cover or only minimal in the worst case scenario. There are some other factors to consider though as to whether you actually need personal injury protection; one being your current driving record. Fortunately most drivers will probably find themselves covered by their own health insurance policy which will also protect family members that happen to be passengers. So if your personal injury protection policy does not cover your passengers, it is your responsibility to ensure they are protected.

Every driver has a responsibility to look after the safety of the passengers they carry in the vehicle. Those who feel fortunate that their state does not require personal injury protection by law should still have one in place to cover for the eventuality of a serious accident. Many drivers find they only require minimal injury cover as they are middle aged, experienced drivers with a good record and already have an adequate health insurance plan in force. Younger drivers however, do not fair so well if they are inexperienced with little insurance cover in place but they are often in greater need of good health insurance cover to protect themselves and any family they have.

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